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Affinity chromatography media

Chromatography, short for “chromatographic analysis”, is a method for the separation and determination of multi-component mixtures based on the different physical properties of each component. Through cooperation with Bestchrom (Shanghai) Biosciences Co., Ltd, Jean Standard Biological Technology Co. Ltd provides customers with quality products and services, including gel filtration media, ion exchange media, hydrophobic interaction media, affinity chromatography media, etc.
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Affinity chromatography media:

Affinity chromatography is a method of chromatography to separate substances based on specific interactions between biomolecules, such as the binding of enzymes to substrates, receptors to ligands, antibodies to antigens, etc. Such bindings are both specific and reversible. Protein purification is achieved through this reversible binding and separation.



Features of Affinity Chromatography:

—High efficiency, speediness; High selectivity; High resolution; Over 90% purity can be achieved usually through one-step purification; High recovery rate


Composition of Affinity Medium:

—Base Frame:Inert materials coupled with ligands, such as Bestarose FF, Bestarose HP, etc.
—Connecting Arm:Reduce the steric-hindrance effect, greatly increase the adsorption efficiency of ligands and biomacromolecules to be separated;  
—Ligands:Substances that interact specifically with a target molecule.



Product Series Product
Alkali-resistant antibody affinity medium AT Protein A Diamond / AT Protein Diamond Plus
Antibody affinity media Protein A Diamond / rProtein A Bestarose 4FF
Antibody affinity media Protein G Bestarose 4FF
Nucleic acid affinity medium Plasmid Cap Bestarose HP/Plasmid Cap Mustang
Thiophilic affinity medium IgM Cap Mustang/IgY Cap Mustang
IgM Capture Bestarose FF/IgM Capture Bestarose HP
IgY Capture Bestarose HP
Metal chelating affinity media Ni Bestarose HP/Ni Bestarose FF
Benzamidine affinity medium Benzamidine Bestarose 4FF/Benzamidine Bestarose 6B
Glutathione Affinity Medium GST Bestarose 4FF/GST Bestarose 4B
Blue Gum Affinity Medium Blue Bestarose FF/Blue Bestarose HP
Diamond Blue/Diamond Blue Mustang
Heparin affinity medium Heparin Bestarose HP/Heparin Bestarose FF
Endotoxin affinity medium Endotoxin Cap Bestarose 4FF
Metal chelating affinity media IMAC Bestarose HP/IMAC Bestarose FF
Chelating Bestarose FF
Pre-activated affinity media CNBr-activiated Bestarose 4B/CNBr-activiated Bestarose 4FF
NHS-activiated Bestarose 4FF
Epoxy-activiated Bestarose 6B
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