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Gel filtration media

Chromatography, short for “chromatographic analysis”, is a method for the separation and determination of multi-component mixtures based on the different physical properties of each component. Through cooperation with Bestchrom (Shanghai) Biosciences Co., Ltd, Jean Standard Biological Technology Co. Ltd provides customers with quality products and services, including gel filtration media, ion exchange media, hydrophobic interaction media, affinity chromatography media, etc.
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Gel filtration media:

Gel filtration is a type of chromatography method to separate substances based on the size and shape of biomolecules. The gel filtration medium has a porous network structure. The smaller the biomolecules, the deeper they go into the medium, and the longer they stay in the medium, and the longer they stay in the medium. The aperture of each medium has a certain range, so the key to the selection of gel filtration media is the appropriate separation range, followed by the mechanical properties and magnification.



Features of Gel Filtration Chromatography:

—Non-adsorption method, easy operation, only one buffer solution required. 


Classification and Characteristics of Gel Filtration Chromatography

—Group Separation (desalination/buffer exchange); The sample volume can reach 30% of the column volume. 

—Fine Separation (aggregate removal, separation of proteins of different molecular weights); Sample volume of 0.5-4%, column bed height is higher than 60cm.



Product Series Product 
Bestdex series
(Sephadex Gel Filter Media)    
Bestdex G-10
Bestdex G-15
Bestdex G-25
Bestdex G-50
Bestdex G-75
Bestdex LH-20
Bestarose Fast Flow series Bestarose 4 Fast Flow
Bestarose 6 Fast Flow
Chromdex prep grade series Chromdex 30 prep grade
Chromdex 75 prep grade
Chromdex 200 prep grade
Bestarose/Bestarose CL series
(Agarose gel medium)
Bestarose 4B
Bestarose 6B
Bestarose CL 4B
Bestarose CL 6B
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